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we create the most awesome guitars in the world

using a combination of a quality instruments, hardware & electronic upgrades, full set-up, complete inspection and a beautiful, premium graphic designs.
Many individuals and businesses contribute their time, effort and experience to  We do our best to acknowledge each and every one that has helped us in our goals to provide services to our selected charities.
Randy G. - Partner, Luthier & Veteran

I am a Disabled Veteran who served as a Security Police Officer in the United States Air Force from late 1987 until mid 1989 when, due to my Marksmanship skills, I was allowed to take an "Airman's Early-out" honorable discharge to join the United States Marine Corps. I teamed up with Mark Witten completely by chance, and through our conversations we realized that we had the same idea to contribute to several Charities that help our WARRIORS and their families.
Mark Witten - Partner, Website Development & Guitarist

I am the owner of Skin Your Skunk ( guitar skins and Skinny's Webworks ( Website Design & Marketing...among other online projects. I started this charity project along with Randy who you will meet shortly. is my chance to give something back to all those who make our lives safer and keep our freedoms alive.  I thank you all and offer this little project as my way of giving back.
Skin Your Skunk - Guitar Skin Manufacturer & Design ( does one thing, and does it better than anyone else...Guitar Skins!  Skinny sells High-Quality, High-Definition, Clear Coated, Premium Vinyl, Marine Grade, Adhesive Backed Guitar Skins for your Guitar, Bass or Acoustic Guitar! We carry Over 1500 Designs and offer a Completely Custom Skin Design Service where we can create your Guitar Skin Design from scratch!
Skinny's Webworks - Website & Marketing Services (

Established in 2005, Skinny's Webworks is a professional business services company offering internet, marketing, media, social, graphics and advertising services. From website design to television commercials and e-commerce, our experienced group of creative and individuals excel in helping you take a business idea...and make it a profitable reality.We enjoy creating, growing and making things awesome.
Ron & Bob Sperzel - Guitar Tuning Machines (

Sperzel has been manufacturing tuning keys since 1977 with their unique design and precision machining ability. This precision was recognized in Guitar Player Magazine (October 1979) as the most significant advancement in guitar tuning capabilities and was the beginning of addressing the problems that have held guitar players captive for years. We are proud to say Made in the U.S.A. From parts made in our factory in Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. and assembled in our plant by American workers.
Dylan McKerchie - Awesome Pickups (

Dylan McKerchie has been a musician, and sound engineer for almost three decades. After many years of buying and using gear, he decided that it was time to change the approach to pickup selection. The DylanPickups experience is more than just buying parts. Before you even click the "buy" button, we want you to feel like you have learned about your tone, your rig, and gotten some solid ideas for your tonal goals.
We can use any guitar skin offered at to skin one of our awesome instruments for you!  With over 2000 designs available, your options are virtually unlimited.  Visit our partner site at and choose a skin.  Then contact us for more information.
Wanna Skin Your Own Guitar?
Over at we offer two models of pre-skinned Ukuleles in hundreds of awesome, beautiful and monsterous designs.  Browse on over and express your attitude at Not today!
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